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Visible Display is one of the country’s most renowned mobile and modular LED video screen providers. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional equipment, and knowledgeable staff, at an affordable price. With offices all over the country, we hope to work with you on your next event. Our numerous locations allow us to offer the most aggressive pricing available, as our costs are not eaten up in travel and delivery, which is why you will commonly see a large variance from vendor to vendor.

Visible Display has a screen to fit your event and budget. If you desire a turnkey product, we have it; our Mobile LED Screens can be set up in 30 minutes and are an excellent choice for short events, or mobile events. Many of our first time LED screen rental clients opt for this option, as it is the least expensive solution for daytime video. Many of these units come with switchers, preview racks, DVD players, laptops and small sound systems. Simply ask for a brochure to get a complete specification breakdown.

Along with our mobile offerings, Visible Display can also provide customizable Modular LED Screens that employ the latest in LED technology. These screens have a virtual 8mm pixel pitch to allow your audience closer viewing distances. These screens also have an 8000NITS brightness rating, ensuring that direct sunlight will not affect the image visibility. Not only do these screens offer incredible flexibility in terms of size and shape, but can also be mounted in various ways as well. From ground-stacking, to flying from truss or a forklift, we guarantee to find the perfect solution for your event’s video needs.

Beginning in 2014, Visible Display Corporation will be offering high resolution mobile and modular LED screens. The mobile screens will come in 9’x13’ and 9’x17’ sizes. Our modular screens can be built any shape or size, as always. These screens will offer the latest in LED technology and feature a 7mm pixel pitch for enhanced viewing. This means that your client will be able to be much closer to the screen without the “pixilated” look.

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